About Us

Since its founding in 1981 by Erdal Öz, author and leading Turkish literary figure, CAN Publishing has become the quintessential home of world literature in Turkey. Our publishing house has prided itself on bringing the essential works of modern and contemporary literary fiction to the Turkish readership. Names that have been famous all around the world have for many years reached the readers through CAN – authors like Gabriel García Marquez, Albert Camus, George Orwell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Susan Sontag, Mario Vargas Llosa, Thomas Mann, Paul Auster, Salman Rushdie, Isabel Allende, Ingeborg Bachmann, Umberto Eco, Mo Yan, Patricia Highsmith as well as many others.
We at CAN take great care to build and foster a backlist that expands beyond what is popular today. We are concerned with literature that defies the boundaries of time and geographical location, literature that voices the experience of different cultures and generations, literature that is defined by the value of the work itself – in short, literature that is “here to stay.”

Our editions stand out in various ways. CAN has an incredibly strong brand recognition and loyal readers who always seek out our new titles. The most important reason for this is, of course, our selection of authors, which has been carefully curated over the years. The second is our translations. We are very meticulous about translators and the process of translation; our publishing house has over the years produced the authoritative editions of many works that are today considered classics.

CAN has come to be known for its editions that add value to even the most prestigious titles in terms of design and production. We have won numerous design awards both at home and abroad and are proud of our innovative approach in search for the perfect volume.

Along with the paperback editions in our ever-growing catalogue of modern and contemporary classics, CAN produces hardcover editions, flipback editions (CAN is the sole licensee of Flipback™️editions in Turkey), Short Modern editions, and deluxe editions.

CAN has one of the best distribution performances among Turkish publishing houses. Our titles are extremely well-represented in the biggest bookstore chains and online book retailers. We also work closely with over 300 independent bookstores throughout Turkey.
In addition to its strong brand, CAN has considerable social media presence, with an active website, 60K followers on Facebook, 314K on Twitter, and 217K on Instagram. We carry out painstakingly orchestrated marketing and publicity campaigns for each title we publish, careful to bring them to the best audience possible.